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The Grandson of one of the uk's most famous Champion Stallions ' Catherston Night Safe '

Millies page my stable mate.

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Welcome to my page on my stable mates web site. I was foaled on the 6th May 1998 and my stud reference is PBAR V38. I was bred by Mrs H Horley in Cheshire and I am a Part-Bred Arab Bay Mare with Warmblood and Thoroughbred Lines in my family. My Father is Netherburn Lyric and my Mother is Cherie and I am 16.6% registered with the Arab Horse Society.

After weaning I was sold to my first owner who did not really do much with me regarding schooling so my life until Mr Smith purchased me was really  spent 99% of the time in a field eating grass for 5 years. I really love grass and if it it was left to me I would be on the grass all the time.

The Smith family purchased me and to be honest they did not really have any relevant information regarding me. I was sold as a horse to be brought on or to make a good Brood Mare. It was not long before the Smith's realised I had many issues and behaviour problems. Some of the problems I had were > I would not be bitted, I liked to bite, I could not be mounted and I had no real manners and no respect for humans. Basically I was really wild and just wanted to eat grass.

Mr Smith my Dad used a stallion chain on me for the first 12 months to learn me respect and give me some good ground work manners. After this training which was indeed very testing for my owners and at times very frustrating I finally decided to do what I was being taught. My manners are now 100% when it comes to being led in hand I stand trot and walk perfectly and without any typoe of prompting or instruction ' actually in-hand I am better than Rififi '

For the next 4 years I had many problems and it looked like my Dad was going to give me up and make me a brood mare but he persisted and finally broke me at the age on Nine to saddle. I now hack out and I am 150% in traffic, good to catch and shoe but when in season I really am a very Moody Mare and will not let anyone back me. I also do not load very well but most recently I have decided to give it a go.

My family have been really understanding with me and my training is always on-going and if the Smiths had not found me I really do wonder what would of become of me. I have a fantastic home and the best care any equine could have but I wish I could tel my family my real past from weaner to five years old????

My Dad plans to get me to the show ring under saddle and In-Hand has I have beautiful paces and superb ground manners but this will only happen if I continue to come good. I am on Ostress all year to help with my seasons but my Dad is considering inserting marbles into my reproduction system so I think I am in foal ' this would then hopefully correct my issues  but it will be at the last resort ' My Dad does plan to put me in foal and breed sport horses with me but he really does not want to do this until I am around 13 / 14 years old has he really does feel I have very good show career ahead of me if I can get over my issues.

Please come back soon to see my progress and dont forget to visit Rififi's Photo Gallery to see new pics.

Love Millie x .

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